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Is This You?
KUHL entries...not so much?
What's All This Talk-Talk?!?
Oh no...it's ME!
Personal Info
01: Name: Lauren, Lorenzo, Pull-My-Ass
02: d.o.b: December 19
03: location: Earth
04: religion: none...be what you are, not what you believe.
05: sex: female, yo!
06: occupation: student

01: Hair: Dark brown...but if you look closely, I swear...I have red highlights
02: Eyes: "Deep" brown
03: Height: 5'6" and one half, damn it.
04: weight: 125

01: clothing: what?...I don't have a style...I wear clothes?
02: Music: Rock/Alternative, Classic Rock, Oldies, Prince (he is his own entity)...the list goes on
03: makeup?: Days when I'm feeling particularly ugly
04: Body Art: Nope

Right Now
01: wearing: 25 layers because it's fucking cold!
02: listening to: Third Eye Blind
03: Thinking of: All the things I have to do that I haven't done yet, i.e. laundry and homework
04: feeling: FREEZING

Last Thing You
01: bought: Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream from Little Lucca
02: talked to: In person? Not family? Umm...Erica? No...Ali.
03: ate and drank: Rolled cabbage(but it wasn't really rolled), and water?
04: read: The newspaper...oh..watch out...intellectual coming your way...
05: watched on TV: Documentary on Lucil Ball...so sad. Love her.

Either / Or
01: club or houseboat: Um...club...I think.
02: tea or coffee: Coffee
03: high achiever or slacker: You konw how poeple say that poeple are multi...sided? Well...I'm a slacker. That's it.
04: beer or cider: Cider, baby. Beer is gross...ewww...*VIRGINAL*
05: drinks or shots: Sadly...I'm kinda...straight edge...*L*
06: cats or dogs: Dogs...no, cats! No, dogs! I don't know. Not fond of either.
07: single or taken: Forever single (not by choice)
08: pen or pencil: Pencil...so many things to erase...
09: gloves or mittens: Glovies!
10: food or candy: Food...I know...CRAZY!
11: cassette or cd: CD
12: coke or pepsi: Pepsi
13: hard or mild alcohol: Hello...*straight edge*
14: matches or a lighter: Lighters...I finally figured out how to use 'em...j/k...
15: sunset beach of the bold and the beautiful: Um...green? False?
16: ricki lake or oprah winfrey: Oprah...she's coo.

Who Do You Want To
01: kill: If I would get away with it...the list is a little long...I have a "Shit List" from 8th grade that I STILL add to to this day!
02: shag: Hmm...*sly face*
03: slap: Everyone.
05: get really wasted with: A really good friend...or a REALLY hot guy. Haha...no..j/k. I'm not THAT sleezy. lol.
06: tickle: My...leg?
07: look like: Someone...gorgeous...like...really hot...Angelina Jolie
08: be like: Me?
09: avoid: People who try to molester you on the bus...*cringes*

01: food: Sushi
02: drink: So...da? Yeah, soda. No...milk. Ugh, I feel like I'm 4.
03: color: Transparent
04: album: Way too many. Well, actually, I can't answer this because I'm very indecisive.
05: shoes: Um...8? I don't know. If it's what I have the most of...Converse?
06: site: www.maddox.xmission.com ...good shit right there.
07: dance: Like I'm spazing out...no...I don't know...slow?
08: song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen...Rick is right.
09: vegetable: Pizza?
10: fruit: Plums
11: berry: Raz?

Last Person
01: you touched: Ali, maybe?
02: talked to: you already asked this ...
03: instant messaged: Bizonca
04: had a crush on: I don't think I can say.

Where Do You ...
01: eat: Anywhere?
02: dance: everywhere ...
03: cry: In my...eyes? Or room, I guess.
04: are you alone: Ew...this is getting kinda creepy.

Do ...
01: do you hear voices in your head: Nooo...*swings at imaginary friend*
02: do people stare at you?: Why would they...well...unless I was doing something odd...so then...Yes...people always stare at me..
03: do they talk about you?: I don't know
04: do you somehow think that you can sense and feel certain things?: Sometimes I think I do, but I really don't.

What Did You Do ...
1 day ago: Watching a movie
1 week ago: Work day
5 minutes ago: Filling out this retarded survey
5 days ago: Yet again...AT school
5 weeks ago: I don't fucking know...hopping, skipping, or kicking someone.
5 months ago: Cleaning my room...?
5 years ago: I was stealing candy from the store...heh...

I ...
i hurt: My head hurts...I just hit it on the table...don't ask
i love: "Resting my eyes"
i hate: My...i don't know...
i fear: Being hauled away to a mental institution
i hope: for many things
i break: everything
i listen: to people's conversations...
i hide: from the people in my house
i breathe: Oxygen...air...what?
i play: games with little people (aka midgets, but they don't like that term)
i miss: L.A.
i learn: nothing from my mistakes
i feel: sleepy.
i know: too much...
i dream: of my happy place
i want: good things
i fell: on my ass in an ice skating rink, and it hurt like a mother...
i wait: for someone to come whisk me off my feet...psh! Yeah right.
i need: Sleep...maybe a newspaper.

-last movie you saw: Secondhand Lions...ugh! So good.
-last movie you saw on the big screen: Um...I think it was the 3rd Lord of the Rings
-last phone number you called: Mi hermana...
-last show you watched on TV: Show? I'm watching MAD tv.
-last song you heard: Oh god...um...The Reason?
-last thing you had to drink: water
-last thing you ate: "Rolled" cabbage
-last time you showered: Today
-last time you cried: Ummmm...
-last time you smiled: I don't know...
-last time you laughed: Just now(hello..MAD tv)
-last person you hugged: Jen...?
-last thing you said: Ew...
-last person you talked to online: BIZONCA!
-last thing you smelled: Cabbage

Do You...-smoke: no
-do drugs: no
-drink: no
-have sex: no
-sleep with stuffed animals: no...i swear. heh...
-have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Haha...that's funny. No.
-have a dream that keeps coming back: No...
-play an instrument: "guitar"
-believe there is life on other planets: suuure...?
-read the newspaper: Yeah...*L*
-have any gay or lesbian friends: yes
-believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: "not forever. because most people die and stuff." ~rick
-consider yourself tolerant of others: Usually..unless your name starts with q...or...zh
-like the taste of alcohol: no
-have a favorite stooge: Larry...no...I don't know
-believe in astrology: Not in particular
-believe in magic: Sometimes...if it has to do with a rabbit...
-go to church: Nope
-have any secrets: HELL yeah.
-have any pets: No...I killed them all...whoops.
-go to or plan to go to college: yes
-have a degree: no.
-talk to strangers who instant message you: If I'm bored
-wear hats: sometimes
-pray: no
-have any piercings: One my ears
-have any tattoos: nope
-wish on stars: no
-like your handwriting: no, it's U-G-L-Y..gross!
-have any bad habits: yes
-believe in witches: no
-believe in Satan: when I'm having a crappy day
-believe in ghosts: no
-believe in Santa: no
-believe in the Easter Bunny: no
-believe in the tooth fairy: no
-have a second family: yeah
-trust others easily: sometimes
-like sarcasm: NO...ya' think?!
-take walks in the rain: sure
-sing in the shower: psh...what kinda of questin is that?...duh!
Another one?!?
Friday, June 11, 2004
mood: kinda pissed

Wow. It's surprising. Another update. Ok...so. Things are good. I just learned about another relationship, and it makes me happy for them. It's nice when you see something work out for someone, the way they wanted it to turn out.

But, I am a little pissed, I must say. Tonight, I was going to play pool with the homies (hah...just kidding), and I was all ready to go, when my mom said, "You can only go out either tonight or tomorrow night. Not both." This made me angry. I told myself and her that this was going to be my week of going out and having fun. The rest of the summer, I'm working my little tail off to finish the summer reading. Does she care...no. Not like I'm gdoing anything here...I got so bored, I had to resort to burning shit. I said no to tonight because tomorrow night I'm s'posed to go to C's house, and Saturday morning, we're going to set up for her party. I already told her I would, and I want to go...so...ahh. Shit fuckers...

I'm complaining. Sorry. I'll go now.


updates rule. whose relationship did you jsut learn about?
» LifelessEyelid on 2004-06-11 10:38:38

Yes... I'm interested in this relationship also,
even if I don't know who the people are, I'm nosy. Otherwise, are you feeling alright? Two updates in... a few days? Don't overwork yourself! And why didn't you burn your mom? Is sounds like that would have been rather benefical and fun.
» desertsnowstorm on 2004-06-11 07:35:39

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